The Makings Of A Black King

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LOVE is my weapon, MUSIC is my religion,
PEACE is in my soul...... ACCEPT
everything about YOURSELF I mean
everything, You are you and that is the
beginning and the end no Apologies, no
Regrets. I AM NOVIC...... I Love Me!
You should too

As I lay….

I have to face the reality that, you may never truly allow yourself to feel, and witness. That it’s better for you to believe the lie than the truth.

But I hope for a different reality…..

I’m here. I’m gonna always be, right here! I’m here through every dark side, and sunshine. You can’t get rid of me that easily.


Well, you sure know how to make a guy night! Thank you so much, love!! (-:



Those people who only contact you when it is in benefit to them.

I know I am considered a “mentor” or “role model”  to several people, but when the only time you contact me is to benefit you… I will curve you.

No one likes feeling used. I have the biggest heart and will  be the first help others, but don’t do that. I see right through it.