The Makings Of A Black King

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LOVE is my weapon, MUSIC is my religion,
PEACE is in my soul...... ACCEPT
everything about YOURSELF I mean
everything, You are you and that is the
beginning and the end no Apologies, no
Regrets. I AM NOVIC...... I Love Me!
You should too

Lol. I often ask myself that question. I’m glad they touch someone. Thank you so much!!!! (-:

Listen. Don’t give anymore time trying to repress, hide, and deny YOUR truth.


Thank you so much!!! (-:

Any war that I may face, is mine to face alone. I don’t need you to suit up, and go to war for me. I can battle Goliath, and Titans all on my own. I just need you in the crowd, with your pom-poms cheering me on. And once the smoke has cleared, and victory has been won. Just Aid and bandage my wounds.